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List of Super Audio CDs (Oct 2009)
A technical note: The BIS surround sound recordings aim to reproduce the natural sound in a concert venue as faithfully as possible, using the newest technology. In order to do so, all five channels are recorded using the full frequency range, with no separate bass channel added: a so–called 5.0 configuration. If your sub–woofer is switched on, however, most systems will also automatically feed the bass signal coming from the other channels into it. In the case of systems with limited bass reproduction, this may be of benefit to your listening experience.

All our Hybrid SACDs (with the exception of BIS-SACD-1724, 1738, 1766 and BIS–SACD–1527–28) can be played back in Stereo (CD and SACD) as well as in Surround sound (SACD).

Hybrid Discs (SACD Surround / SACD Stereo / CD Stereo)
In descending order of release date:
Rachmaninov: Piano Conc. No.4 – Medtner: Piano Conc. No.2
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.45
Mendelssohn – Symphonies Nos 1 and 4 ('Italian')
Beethoven – The Nine Symphonies
Mahler – Symphony No.9
Haydn – Philemon und Baucis
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.7
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.44
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.3 ‘Polish’
Stabat Mater (Works by Vivaldi, Pergolesi ande J.S. Bach)
Josef Suk – Asrael Symphony
Shostakovich – Symphony No.4
Weber – The Symphonies
Danses et Divertissements
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.43
Beethoven – Piano Concertos WoO4 and No.2
Mendelssohn – Lobgesang (Symphony No.2)
The People Shall Hear! – Great Händel Choruses
Whirling Dance – Works for Flute and Traditional Chinese Orchestra
Rote Rosen – Songs by Richard Strauss
American Spectrum – North Carolina S.O. / Branford Marsalis Qt. et al.
J.S. Bach: Cantatas, Vol.42
Haydn – Acide
Rachmaninov – Symphony No.2
J.S. Bach: Cantatas, Volume 41
Schumann - Symphonies Nos 3 & 4
Beethoven – Symphonies Nos 2 and 7
Händel - Twelve Grand Concertos (Concerti Grossi)
J.S. Bach - Cantatas, Vol.40
Beethoven - Complete works for solo piano, Vol.6
Emma Kirkby – Handel in Italy
Dan Laurin – Airs and Graces
Aho – Symphony No.12 ‘Luosto’
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.4 & Serenade for Strings
Beethoven – Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 3
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.39
Freddy Kempf – Mussorgsky · Ravel · Balakirev
Mozart – Complete Works for Flute and Orchestra
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.38
Tchaikovsky & Glazunov - Violin Concertos
Beethoven – Symphonies 1 and 6
Schumann – Symphony No.1 and Overtures
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.37 (Solo Cantatas for alto)
Mahler – Das Lied von der Erde (version in Chinese)
French Delights (Sharon Bezaly, flute)
Jón Leifs – Edda, Part I
J.S. Bach – Mass in B minor
Mozart – Concertos for Two and Three Pianos
Victorious Love – Carolyn Sampson sings Purcell
Grieg – Choir Music
Sudbin plays Scriabin
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.36
Shostakovich – Symphonies Nos 9 & 12
Antonín Dvořák – Symphonies Nos 6 & 9
Liszt – Piano Concertos (Arnaldo Cohen)
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.5
Uljas Pulkkis – Enchanted Garden
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.35
Seascapes – Debussy La Mer etc.
Dedicated to Christian Lindberg – Berio, Xenakis, Turnage
Nielsen / Aho – Clarinet Concertos
Tchaikovsky / Medtner – First Piano Concertos (Yevgeny Sudbin)
Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.34
The Golden Age of the Cornet – Ole Edvard Antonsen
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.4 (Ronald Brautigam)
Musique and Sweet Poetrie – Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg
Schumann – Symphonies Nos.2 & 4
Grieg – Olav Trygvason / Orchestral Songs
Weber – Clarinet Concertos
Bridge across the Pyrenees – Flute Concertos
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.33
Grieg – Peer Gynt Suites
HK Gruber – Zeitstimmung
Beethoven – Symphony No.9 "Choral"
Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons with Dan Laurin
Shostakovich – Symphony No.13 ‘Babi Yar’
J. S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.32
Mozart – Un moto di gioia: Opera & Concert Arias
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.3 (Ronald Brautigam)
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.2 'Little Russian' etc.
Beethoven – Symphonies 3 and 8
Hans–Ola Ericsson – The Four Beasts´ Amen
J. S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.31
Olav Anton Thommessen – BULL's eye
Gubaidulina – ... The Deceitful Face of Hope and Despair
Händel – Great Oratorio Duets. Carolyn Sampson / Robin Blaze / OAE
Honey from the Hive – Emma Kirkby sings John Dowland
Masterworks for Flute and Piano – Sharon Bezaly / Ronald Brautigam
J. S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.30
J. S. Bach – Easter Oratorio and Ascension Oratorio
J.S. Bach – Cantatas, Vol.29
Grieg – Holberg Suite
Requiems by Fauré and Duruflé
Brahms – Clarinet Sonatas & Trio
Kroumata Encores
Yevgeny Sudbin plays Rachmaninov
Shostakovich – Symphony No.8
Christian Lindberg plays Nathaniel Shilkret
J.S. Bach – Ouvertures (Orchestral Suites)
Mozart – Flute Concertos and BIS Complete Catalogue
Ezequiel Viñao – Arcanum
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.2 (Ronald Brautigam)
J.S. Bach: Cantatas, Vol. 28
Grieg – Peer Gynt
Ge Gan–ru – Chinese Rhapsody
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.5
Skalkottas – Piano Concerto No.2
J. S. Bach – St. Matthew Passion, BWV 544, excerpts
Beethoven – Piano Sonatas (Freddy Kempf)
Beethoven – Symphonies Nos.4 & 5 (Minnesota Orchestra / Vänskä)
From A to Z – Solo Flute Music Vol.3 (Sharon Bezaly)
Beethoven – Complete works for solo piano, Vol.1 (Ronald Brautigam)
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.1 (Winter Daydreams) / Romeo and Juliet (GSO / Järvi)
Duo a piacere – Violin and Guitar Music (J. Svenheden / M. Bergström)
Beethoven – Piano Trios in C minor & B flat major 'Archduke' (Kempf Trio)
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.6 (‘Pathétique’) / Francesca da Rimini (GSO / Järvi)
Grieg – Sigurd Jorsalfar / Landkjenning / Bergliot etc. (Bergen PO / Ruud)
Chopin – Études, Opp.10 & 25 (Freddy Kempf)
Mozart – Clarinet Conc. & Quintet (Martin Fröst)
Harvard Composers – Chamber Music (Mendelssohn String Quartet / Shelton)
Grieg – Norwegian & Symphonic Dances / Lyric Suite (Bergen PO / Ruud)
Grieg – Piano Concerto / Symphony in C minor etc. (Ogawa / Bergen PO / Ruud)
French Music for Trumpet and Organ (Hardenberger / Preston)
SACD single layer Stereo  
Dowland – The Complete Solo Lute Music
Mendelssohn - The Complete Solo Concertos
Bach – Complete Organ Music (Fagius). 5 discs – 20 hours playing time